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Digital Poster Printing

See immediate marketing results with digital print posters!

Marketing experts will tell you: it’s one of the oldest, simplest, cheapest, and most effective means of advertising around. The small business owner and the fortune 500 corporation have both have relied on digital poster printing campaigns to spread word of mouth advertising rapidly in a very short period of time. How many times has somebody said to you, “Have you seen that new poster that’s all over downtown?”, that’s the simple power of digital poster printing: to quickly and effectively get your message in front of thousands of people.

Because our 4/0 digital posters are printed digitally, costs are greatly reduced for small quantities, making it a very viable option on a small budget or where large quantities are not required. To print posters in large quantities in excess of 500 copies please consult with us about or bi-weekly offset gang runs for the best pricing options available.


As part of our commitment to our Vancouver neighbors we only use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks in printing of our digital posters.

Digital Poster Printing

4/0 Digital Posters8.5 x 115.5 x 1711 x 1411 x 17Pkg. of 500 11 x 17Pkg. of 1000 11 x 17
4/0 24lb Laser$0.55ea$0.55ea$0.99ea$0.99ea$400.00$650.00
4/0 100lb Text$0.60ea$0.60ea$1.00ea$1.00ea$420.00$660.00
4/0 100lb Cover$0.70ea$0.70ea$1.20ea$1.20ea$450.00$675.00
4/0 10pt Cornwall$0.70ea$0.70ea$1.20ea$1.20ea$450.00$675.00
4/0 12pt Cornwall$0.89ea$0.89ea$1.69ea$1.69ea$550.00$750.00
4/0 Sticker Stock$2.29ea$2.29ea$2.99ea$2.99ean/an/a
4/4 Digital Posters8.5 x 115.5 x 1711 x 1411 x 17Pkg. of 500 11 x 17Pkg. of 1000 11 x 17
4/4 24lb Laser$0.99ea$0.99ea$1.69ea$1.69ea$650.00$1250.00
4/4 100lb Text$1.09ea$1.09ea$1.89ea$1.89ea$660.00$1270.00
4/4 100lb Cover$1.39ea$1.39ea$2.29ea$2.29ea$675.00$1300.00
4/4 10pt Cornwall$1.39ea$1.39ea$2.29ea$2.29ea$675.00$1300.00
4/4 12pt Cornwall$0.89ea$0.89ea$1.69ea$1.69ea$750.00$1400.00
4/4 Sticker Stockn/an/an/an/an/an/a
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