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Digital Rack Cards

Make a statement. Digital rack cards will get you noticed, in a rack or a stack.

Our 4″ x 9″ Full colour digital rack cards are a simple yet highly effective way to advertise your business, product or service. digital rack cards are commonly seen in tourist destinations, land marks, hotel lobbies, stores, and other high traffic areas. Slightly smaller than a typical brochure, digital rack cards have their own unique advantages. They are often designed for quick reading as they convey the most relevant information at a glance for the viewer who is glancing on the run. Digital rack cards are a great item for your next trade show as they often get picked up at a higher rate than a larger brochure.

Because our 4/0 Digital Rack Cards are printed digitally costs are greatly reduced for small quantities making it a very viable option on a small budget or where large quantities are not required. For large quantities in excess of 500 copies please consult with us about or bi-weekly offset gang runs for the best pricing options available.


As part of our commitment to our Vancouver neighbors we only use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks in the production of all digital rack cards.


Printing Details:

  • Full colour 1 sided digital printed
  • Your choice of 13 papers*
  • Guaranteed 12 - 48hrs. turnaround time
  • Due to the limitations of digital printing we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on colour and cutting.

Your choice of 13 papers*

  • 100lb Cover gloss, matte, dull or uncoated
  • 100lb Text gloss, matte, dull or uncoated
  • 10pt Cornwall C1S (coated 1 side)
  • 10pt Cornwall C2S (coated 2 sides)
  • 12pt Cornwall C1S add 20%
  • 12pt Cornwall C2S add 20%
  • 24lb Laser

Digital Rack Cards

4/0 Rack Cards Size:4 x 9 QuantityPrice25$26.50 50$53.00 100$86.00200$132.00 300$198.00 500$330.00 1000$600.00
4/4 Rack Cards Size:4 x 9 QuantityPrice25$47.00 50$74.00 100$108.00 200$216.00300$324.00500$450.001000$850.00
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