Poster Printing Vancouver

In need of poster printing in Vancouver? PrintPrint offers the best service at the most competitive prices in town. 

Our range of posters are the perfect way of delivering your message to a local audience. Whether you’re promoting concerts, trade shows, rallies, or a product launch, our posters are ideal for making impressions quickly and at a low cost. 

We specialize in offering fast, professional, and high-quality poster printing in Vancouver. All of our posters can be customized to suit your needs, and can be digital or offset printed. Large format poster printing is also available for larger projects.

Metallic inks are available on offset projects for an additional charge. Contact us for an estimate on your custom poster today. 

For samples of great posters, check out this post by Graphic Design Junction.  

Please note: As part of our commitment to our Vancouver neighbors, we only use environmentally-friendly vegetable based inks for offset poster printing.

Digital Printed Posters

Digital printing is ideal for small orders. Our digital printed posters be fully-customized with logos, images, text, or graphics, and can be printed on over 12 different types of paper stock. We guarantee turnaround times of less than 48 hours and also offer same-day services for last-minute orders. Sizes vary from 8.5″ x 11″ to 13″ x 19″.

Offset Printed Posters

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Offset printing is the perfect solution for large orders. All our offset printed posters can be fully-customized and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8.5″ x 11″ to 28″ x 40″. Turnaround times range from 3 to 5 business days. Contact us today for prices and more information. 

Large Format Posters

If you’re message needs to be loud, clear, and BIG, large format posters are perfect. We can print stunning full color, photo-quality large format posters at a range of sizes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us today for more information. 

Digital Poster Printing Price List

 Single-sided Posters 8.5 x 11 5.5 x 17 11 x 14 11 x 17 Pkg. of 500 (11×17) Pkg. of 1,000 (11×17)
4/0 24lb laser $0.55ea $0.55ea $0.99ea $0.99ea $400 $650
4/0 100lb text $0.60ea $0.60ea $1.0ea $1.0ea $420 $660
4/0 100lb cover $0.7ea $0.7ea $1.20ea $1.20ea $450 $675
4/0 10 pt. cornwall $0.7ea $0.7ea $1.20ea $1.20ea $450 $675
4/0 12 pt. cornwall $0.89ea $0.89ea $1.69ea $1.69ea $550 $750
4/0 sticker stock $2.29ea $2.29ea $2.99ea $2.99ea N/A N/A
 Double-sided Posters 8.5 x 11 5.5 x 17 11 x 14 11 x 17 Pkg. of 500 (11×17) Pkg. of 1,000 (11×17)
4/4 24lb laser $0.99ea $0.99ea $1.69ea $1.69ea $650 $1,250
4/4 100lb text $1.09ea $1.09ea $1.89ea $1.89ea $660 $1,270
4/4 100lb cover $1.39ea $1.39ea $2.29ea $2.29ea $675 $1,300
4/4 10 pt. cornwall $1.39ea $1.39ea $2.29ea $2.29ea $675 $1,300
4/4 12 pt. cornwall $0.89ea $0.89ea $1.69ea $1.69ea $750 $1,400
4/4 sticker stock N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

4/0 =  single-sided printing. 4/4 = double-sided printing.

Poster Samples

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