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Vancouver Gang Run Printing

We are proud to have been one of the first printing companies in Vancouver to offer gang run printing. Gang run printing is a method whereby multiple print jobs are placed onto the same press sheet. “Ganging up”, or running multiple jobs together in this way, helps to reduce the heavy setup fees associated with traditional offset printing. The net result is in an impressive cost reduction which allows us to offer incredibly competitive pricing for a range of offset printed products.

Our Gang Run cards are offset printed 4/4, (full colour CMYK, printed on both sides), on environmentally friendly 12pt Cornwall card stock, and coated and varnished on both sides. Gang Run cards are printed twice a week. The minimum quantity order for offset cards is 500 units. If you need less than 500 pieces we recommend using our digital printing services.

As part of our commitment to our Vancouver neighbors we only use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks for our gang run offset printing.

The sizes listed are only suggested sizes. We can print to any size and specification

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